On The Ukraine War

The Russian war in Ukraine comes as a shock to many Western politicians and commentators. They are surprised and openly express their disappointment with Putin. They declare that they were mistaken. Putin is just unreliable. Various television editorial departments compete in explaining Putin's unpredictability with his biography. Third-rate psychologists speak of his loss of reality and his disturbed personality. Journalists and politicians declare him to be an isolated, mentally disturbed maniac. A madman who is not only overrunning the peaceful and democracy-loving Ukraine with war, but dragging the world to the brink of nuclear war. Putin is thus becoming a medical phenomenon.

Ukraine, NATO, the so-called Western community of values, are the good guys. Putin and Russia are the embodiments of evil. Putin and with him Russia must be put to an end. Morality takes precedence over analysis...

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Author: Dieter Elken

Online since: May 1, 2022