A declaration of Egypts revolutionary youth organizations:

Let us Return to the Squares to Complete our Revolution

The revolution has returned to all of Egypt’s squares and streets yet again to complete its course. The masses are once again pouring into the squares to announce that the only legitimacy is that of the revolution and the people in the heart of the squares. They affirm the masses’ distrust and refusal of the Military Council and its government. They refuse a Military Council that intentionally hindered the transitional period and impeded the revolution’s course to change and cleansing. They refuse a government that lacks power and is nothing but a secretary to the Military Council. They refuse a government that does not possess the will or ability to complete the revolution’s course.

We, as revolutionary youth forces, insist that the current crisis cannot be solved by merely accepting the resignations of Sharaf and his government, nor can it be solved by the Military Council appointing a new government which will also lack power. These deceptive solutions have been far surpassed by the masses. Now that they have raised their main slogans against the Military Council and called for its ouster, these solutions are no longer acceptable to them. This cannot be achieved without continuing the popular pressure in all Egypt’s squares, because the people are the one guarantee for the continuation of the revolution. They are the first and last decision-makers. Thus, we call for all Egyptians to march and participate in the million-man mobilization on Wednesday, 22 November, in all Tahrir Squares across the length and breadth of Egypt, in order to achieve the following:

- A total relinquishing of political power on the part of the Military Council

- The transfer of power to a National Revolutionary Salvation Government with absolute power to direct the transitional phase—This Government will be committed to achieving Egyptians’ aspirations in the areas of security and the economy, and setting a clear time table for the transfer of power to an elected parliament and president.

- Trying all involved in assaulting civilians, from the Ministry of the Interior or the Army beginning on the 25th of June, continuing with the events at Maspero and to the massacre of November 19th and 20th.

Where the masses are concerned, the revolution still continues. Our people are in every street and square to build—upon the blood of our martyrs and their sacrifices—a new country that will achieve freedom and social justice for every citizen.

The Signatories

  1. The Popular Socialist Alliance Party
  2. The National Front for Justice and Democracy
  3. The Popular Committees for the Defense of the Revolution
  4. The Revolutionary Socialists
  5. The Democratic Workers Party
  6. The Egyptian Social Democratic Party
  7. The Campaign to Support Al-Baradei
  8. The Youths of the Revolution Coalition
  9. The Lotus Revolution Coalition
  10. Youth of the Front Party
  11. Progressive Revolutionary Youth Union
  12. National Independent Current
  13. Suez Youth Bloc
  14. Youth Movement for Justice and Freedom
  15. Democratic Revolution Coalition (Qana)
  16. January 25th Revolution Coalition (Upper Egypt)
  17. January 25th Revolution Coalition (Luxor)
  18. Democratic Revolution Coalition (Aswan)